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The Beloved Hotel at the World Polio Day

Since the strategies to eradicate polio were implemented, the incidence of paralytic polio has dropped dramatically. Although in 1994 the American continent was certified as polio-free, any country has a potential risk of the virus importation from one of these … Continue reading

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5 tips to relax in 5 minutes

At The Beloved Spa, we know that health and wellness extend beyond our treatment rooms, therefore we want to share with you some effective ways to de-stress and relax… Take a Short Walk and thank: “Now walk it out. ” When … Continue reading

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Essential oils… pure wellness for body and mind

Essential oils are liquid extracts distilled from plants such as flowers, trees, and aromatic herbs. They are very concentrated and it takes about one plant or more to produce one drop of oil. Their pleasant aromas are known to balance moods, … Continue reading

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The power of Vitamin C in our skin

You probably grew up being told that getting enough vitamin C would ward off colds and other ailments. Vitamin C is much more than that and has a vital role maintaining the health of the skin. Vitamin C also known … Continue reading

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The importance of Infant Massage

Vacation is a perfect frame to create love bonds and forever memories with our children. An ideal way to create this moments can be a Family Massage, where you dedicate  this time to connect with your baby or child. An … Continue reading

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