Christmas & New Year’s program

We are thrilled to share with you our Beloved ChristmasNew year’s eve program!

TBH24thTBH25thTBH31thTBH1stTBHHappy Holydays TBH

Now you are ready for a Beloved Christmas Holidays!

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Beloved Christmas Decorations

Christmas season is here! And Beloved Playa Mujeres knows how to combine the cheerful Christmas colours with an eclectic & modern style. Hope you like it!

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Share Party 2015!

“The miracle is: the more we share the more we have” by Leonard Nimoy

As you all know from our previous blog post Share the Joy of Christmas!, last December 4th, we celebrated a Christmas Party at a childen’s home in Cancun. This was only possible thanks to all your support.

Seeing their smiling faces while the gift giving, was very exciting too. Sometimes we think we have all for granted but these experiences help us appreciate life even more and brings hope in a better world.

Once again, thanks to all the guests who joined our Christmas Mission, we wish you all a year full of happiness!

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Our Beloved Instagram photos Vol. II

We’ve compiled a second volume of our favorite Instagram guest’s photos of 2015 at The Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres. Do these incredible scenes leave you wordless, too? Be sure to follow us on Instagram @belovedhotels for your daily dose of beach and tag us in your best Beloved photos. Enjoy!




xJennifer Worman@JenniferWorman


xTom Mosson@TomMosson

Hola, savings. Adiós, winter. Special Offers running now!

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Share the Joy of Christmas!


Christmas is a season to share with your loved ones. But is also a great opportunity to give back to the community and to remember how fortunate we are to be able to afford the life we enjoy. A great opportunity to remember that not all families have the means to bring presents to their young ones this Christmas eve.

This Holiday Excellence Group is sharing the Christmas spirit by arranging a special party for a childen’s home in Cancún, México, where kids from all ages between 2 years to 16 years spend their days. On December 4th, children can expect a very nice surprise at their place; they will have a Christmas party with piñatas, candy, gifts and much more!

Your gift can be any toy, soccer ball, doll, stuff animals, games & puzzles, even clothes & shoes, among others. Please consider cash gifts are not acceptable.

If you are willing to participate, we very much appreciate if you can bring a Christmas gift for the children before November 28th, 2015. Your hotel concierge at The Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres will be more than happy to assist you with the reception of the gift donation.

Many children would not get any gifts on Christmas morning if it weren’t for the support of their community. Thank you!

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5 Reasons to Stay in a Boutique Hotel

Have you stayed on a Boutique All Inclusive Luxury Hotel, before? There are many reasons to travel but choosing where and how is not always an easy task. Here we give you 5 reasons to book a Boutique Hotel for your next holidays!

Boutique hotels are believed to have been invented in the early 1980, focused to deliver a difference in look and feel along with outstanding service.

Joanne Chin

1. Privacy, a attribute treasured by the most demanding tastes and it is usually hard to find on your holidays. At Beloved our suites and facilities are designed to provide that intimate and exquisite sense of privacy.

2. Size. Boutique hotels are considerably smaller than the regular All Inclusive properties. The Beloved Hotel, with only one hundred suites; entertainment, dining, pools, Spa, bars and lounges are only steps away.
x@thatstiffanifisher3. Artwork decor, from the lobby to the suites, through the halls, exclusive and unique art pieces nourish the beauty of TBH.

4. A personal touch. Professional, personalize and attentive service are characteristics of this sort of hotels. The kind of service you can enjoy when staying with us.

5. Unique atmosphere. Due to its peculiarity, Boutique Hotels are commonly described as a place for travelers not just tourists. The Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres a balanced mix between cosy and modern ambience and the Caribbean meets urban contemporary.

Let us know if you have tried a Boutique Resort before and how was you experience.

Are you staying at a Boutique Hotel on you next vacation?

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Our Beloved Cuisine

Dining at The Beloved Hotel is an essential part of the luxury all-inclusive hotel experience. Discover Mexican flavors from elegant to casual ambiance. Plus two convenient bars and an open-air lounge that complement the cuisine, offering all-day refreshments—from coffee, tea and fresh fruit juices to evening cocktails.

At The Beloved Hotel, fine dining and comfortable social settings are around the corner.

beloved-hotel-aroma-2-620x360Aroma is the suggested option to explore a new concept of gastronomy at Playa Mujeres. Its a la carte service is base on the international concept with Mediterranean influences. Offering a variety of intense dishes in freshness, color and taste.


Lupita provides true fine dining in a casually elegant setting. Offers traditional Mexican cuisine with an urban contemporary touch, and our chef has created innovative international dishes such as (Cochinita Pibil & Chile en Nogada) — all of which can be complemented by a glass or bottle from our selection of delicious wines.

beloved-hotel-isla-gill-620x360Isla Grill is located at the beachfront where the different ocean blue colors and the sound of the smooth waves will entice you to enjoy a memorable breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our chef has carefully chosen the quality and freshness of every ingredients of “a la carte”. The unmistakable flavor of the Caribbean, Mexican and grilled products is part of the perfect combination of our amazing dishes.

tbh_elmar_620x360El Mar is our “al fresco” restaurant concept: wood oven and grill provide a perfect offer in a casual and laidback ambiance while you enjoy the stunning ocean views. A gourmet tasting breakfast is available every morning. Dishes such as tostadas, quesadillas , sandwiches, paninis, meat and fish grilled, brochettes and of course delicious thin crunchy pizza just taken out of the oven would not be missed for lunch time. And for dinner, a la carte menu is served, where the preferences and likes of our guests are fulfilled. All of this makes an unforgettable experience in a unique setting.

Delicious food. Attentive service. Exquisite wines. And a relaxing ambiance. Cuisine at The Beloved Hotel is just another way of living the good life here in Playa Mujeres. which will invite you to discover a truly luxury Caribbean experience.

Which one are your trying first?

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