Falling in love with a Wellness Lifestyle

Living a balanced lifestyle will give you the best health results.You’ll feel motivated to progress and be that better person than you were yesterday


When you are on a mission to connect with yourself in deeper meaning or strengthen the bond you’ve already created with yourself, you realize you become one. One with your consciousness. One to be grateful, and one to celebrate the sole fact of being alive. Of celebrating the Joy Of Life.

Wellness is not only about fitness, healthy eating or spa relaxation; wellness goes beyond. It is a mission that inspires you and it’ll certainly inspire others. This is the essence of Beloved Wellness Week, and we want to make it a celebration FOR LIFE!

At Beloved Playa Mujeres, we have created a beautiful program for this special week, integrating activities and happenings to enrich us all in many ways.


Don’t worry if you haven’t practiced yoga, worked out or participated in any rituals before, these Wellness and Joyful retreats are ideal for everyone.

What can you expect? 

  • Yoga Journey for you every morning, with different types of yoga techniques.

  • Fitness activities to enjoy outdoors and connect with our beautiful nature.

  • Nutrition workshops, interact, try and learn.

  • Spa activities dedicated to learning much more about you.

  • Wellness Workshops with expert speakers that will share with joy their wisdom their learned lessons.

  • Entertainment happenings, filled with music, voices, and emotions.

  • Meaningful Rituals coming from ancient traditions dedicated to the beloved being.

  • Wellness Gourmet Journey for every night, honoring the healing and goodness of each corner of the world.


What do you think? Take your time. Break the routine and join us on this amazing life journey. We’ll be waiting for you from December 11th-17th, 2017. Celebrate The Joy Of Life at Beloved Playa Mujeres! 

Download the latest Wellness Week Program here! download button

Want more details? Feel free to contact our team at spa02@belovedhotels.com


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Meet the Wellness Week talent!

As many of you might be curious about the upcoming Wellness Week, we have created a list of the talent that will empower your wellness journey at Beloved Playa Mujeres.


Wellness Week is for everyone! During this adventure, we’ve created themes where you can get to experience a Yoga Journey, a Wellness Gourmet Experience, Wellness Workshops, Entertainment Happenings, Rituals, Nutrition Workshops, Fitness Activities, Spa Therapeutic Activities and more surprises!

Ready? Here’s our sneak peek of the Wellness Week talent.

-Andrea Herrera. Is an expert nutritionist focused on loving and taking well care of the body. She has been working and spreading the word about the importance and impact of an alkaline diet and developing healthy habits. If you are looking for tips to find the right balance in your life, pH levels and to know more about wellness and healthy habits, her workshop is meant for you. Join us!

agua de sandia


-Karla Mar. A Yoga practitioner since 2010, Bikram certified by Bikram Choudhury in LA and recently completed a certification of Ashtanga Vinyasa with Michael Gannon. She has participated in many workshops of Bikram yoga and others with Mary Jarvis, Esak García, and Zeb Homison.

After teaching yoga lessons all around the world we have the pleasure to have her with us doing 3 different types of Yoga Lessons: Bikram Yoga, Ashtana Yoga & Hatha Yoga. We are pretty sure you’re going to love her teaching ways!


-Sean Jordan. Mastering the key of self-knowledge and understanding, Sean will share his Thai Massage, Tui Na Massage, and Chinese Medicine wisdom with everyone interested in this wonderful workshop.

With Sean’s experience, you’ll be able to recognize and acknowledge your body in the best way to improve your own Wellness, learn to hear your body and related emotions within. Don’t miss this opportunity!

-Patricia Navarro. Is an experienced Spa Director for several Hotel Brands in Mexico and Latin America. With her Spa consultation, she has created immaculate and transforming rituals for several spas. Her purpose is to move energy and promote love, connecting with nature and native environments. Style, dedication, and vision. You’ll love having a chat with her!

Blog Talent 2

-Fernando Fernández. Is a Healing Rituals expert. Fernandez has been teaching Reiki Kundalini, levels 1, 2 and 3. His ability is experienced in family constellations and creating several well-being retreats in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. At Beloved Playa Mujeres, we have the pleasure to have him with us for different and unique rituals: Meditation Mayan Awakening, Sonotherapy and Vibrations, Cacao Ritual and an Interactive Resonance Concert. A very relaxing and nurturing experience that you can not miss! 

-Martha Gerstein. Is a Mother Nature lover. An artist for and from nature. She enjoys raising awareness for life expressing consciousness and deep connection through her art. She has been involved in several altruism projects, with more than 25 exhibitions. Additionally, she is a very passionate teacher and artist. Art is her way to express her love for life and you’ll definitely enjoy knowing more from her! 

Blog Talent 3

-Luis Saenz. Is the coach and owner of SUP Cancun Paddleboarding School and Water Sports. His skills and experience are mainly focused in windsurfing, surf, sailboats for more than 20 years. His passion is sharing his knowledge with everyone that wants to find out about Paddleboarding. Sail away with Luis and us for an amazing lesson!

-Aracely González. Is a Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, certified in Hatha Sivananda Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, Inner Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga. González has been directing Aguru Yoga Shala, a school community for yoga & meditation. Experienced in Gestalt groups, EFT, and alternative techniques.

Aracely’s stand-up paddle board yoga is asana practiced on 10- to 12-foot-long boards to play with balance, focus and core strength by taking your practice offshore. We’ve set the best beach from the Caribbean for this class. Come and meet us!Blog talen 6

-Daniel Seymour. Is an Expert in ‘aromacology’, ayurvedic consultant and transcendental meditation teacher. He is also an aromatherapy teacher with a formation in Switzerland, France, India and more. His workshop will make you discover and test a world of essential oils and its amazing benefits in every dimension, body, mind, and spirit.
Want to know more about this? Join us!

-Miguel Bautista. Is an Experienced Chef in very prestigious hospitality brands. Graduated from Los Angeles Mission College in California, Bautista has dedicated his passion to teach vegetarian and vegan cuisine; he has been involved with social programs to improve health in communities and is the Co-founder of Vegan Planet Restaurants, speaker, and teacher in wellness and nutrition, he is always creating and expanding the wellness of vegan cuisine around the world. Vegan cooking is more than clean food! Is what your body needs for a life! Make sure to join us!

Dining 1

-Bonnie Baker. Bonnie is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the Spa and Wellness industry and a background in hospitality, ecotourism, and Spa development. She brings a wealth of hands-on experience and achievement, having worked with some of the leading Spa companies and award-winning properties around the world. Bonnie emphasizes on practicing and incorporating well-being into the modern life, to learn more about your Personal Mythology, The Senses vs Sensing, The 3 C’s of a Balanced life, to listen to your intuitive anatomy and connecting with nature and with wellness in your relationships. A MUST stop!

-Monique Vinay. Is a talented Raw Food Culinary Chef, Health Coach and graduate of LIVING LIGHT CULINARY INSTITUTE, and INSTITUTE FOR INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION in New York, she has published two books, “Healthy Snacks” and “Living without dairy products”. Her mission at Beloved is that you learn healthy and raw dishes to improve your health with a delicious menu designed by Monique.


Sara Jones. Spa consultant, Wellness speaker at spa retreats, GWI Initiative Chair: Women in Leadership organization, Spa & Wellness writer, and publisher, with experiences in New Zealand, Middle East, and Mexico.

Experienced spa professional in the areas of health, fitness, nutrition, and well-being. Sarah will teach us how to integrate healthy habits,  stress management, everyday mindfulness, gratitude, connection, and intention. These are the vital elements for happiness and well-being.

-Rajan Anand. With OSHO meditation studies in India and several yoga institutions in Mexico, Rajan has been teaching Restorative Yoga and meditation for several years.

With passion and dedication, Rajan uses the Restorative Yoga to connect the neuronal system with your conscious alignment, using postures for resting that liberates blocked energy that restores the vital energy. A unique Yoga approach that you will love! 

 Wellness Week will be celebrated at Beloved Playa Mujeres, from December 11th-17th, 2017, as free additional activities in this Adults-Only Boutique All Inclusive paradise.

Save the date and make sure you grab your spot to celebrate the Joy of Life with us!

Download the Wellness Week Schedule here! download button

Want more details? Feel free to contact our team at spa02@belovedhotels.com



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Ultimate trends for beautiful wedding ceremonies!

Since you said “YES”, you’ve surely been dreaming about how the big day would look like; the dress you’d want to wear (of course!), and the location where you and your groom will devotedly commit your life at.

Hold there! Now that you’ve seen yourself walking down the aisle, you must decide what kind of style will mean the most to show your own stamp on your big day. Meaning the ceremony.

Nowadays, traditional ceremonies are being replaced by creative ideas that’d frame your picture perfect day, and if you’re still deciding whether you prefer an official ceremony or a symbolic one, you’ll definitely need to look at these super cute ideas.

Mayan Ritual

mayan-ceremony-internet-pictureOk. Let’s say you’ve chosen the Caribbean as your destination wedding, a Mayan Ritual will definitely be an attractive and exotic idea. How? This ceremony is performed by a Shaman who will invoke the presence of the Mayan Gods to create the magic environment for your ceremony. The four elements will be represented in harmony to symbolize the happiness and commitment with your significant other. This type of ceremony is perfect to be held on the beach.


Sand Ceremony

A growing trend that means something very simple yet beautiful: two becoming one. On this ceremony, each person pours a small container of sand (often two different colors, his and hers) into a large container to symbolize their union as a couple, the couple then will keep the container as a signature of their love and union. Sand ceremonies are perfect for outdoors and it’s a win-win if you plan to do it on the beach!

Holistic Ceremony

05 garden kiss 40 x 73.jpg

With the love and protection from Mother Nature surrounding you, the trendy holistic ceremonies include rituals and activities that will intentionally bond with your guests. You can make it as long as you want it, During these days, your guests will be invited to approach their inner spirit through Yoga, meditation, hydrotherapy, morning or sunset walks, and many other activities that will enrich your inner peace and empower your guests to discover a new vibe. 

Cleanse with water


What a better location than the turquoise Caribbean waters for this ceremony! Think about it! During this purifying ritual, you and your groom perform a symbolic “washing of the feet” that represents the release of any past emotional blocks, that’s how the couple enters the marriage with open hearts and the purity of their love. Holding hands with your loved one, playing your toes in the water. YAS! Absolutely romantic.

Themed weddings 10.jpg

These ones are growing stronger on couples’ that want to get married with a unique style, fun and simply different. Imagine a Gatsby themed party or a Mexican wedding! Your guests surely will have a fun and unique time! Costumes and decorations all set on point for you to shine like the beautiful bride you’re going to be!

Diversity, union, romance, commitment, and LOVE… No matter what the ceremony of your preference will be, we’re pretty sure the celebration will be as personal and meaningful as you wish. It’s YOUR BIG DAY, you own it!

Make your wedding in a very exclusive location as Beloved Playa Mujeres. Get a FREE quote from our Wedding Experts here

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Celebrate the Joy of Life with the Beloved style!


Since opening its doors in 2009, Excellence Group Luxury Hotels & Resorts award- winning Beloved Playa Mujeres, has been addressed as the best romantic, quiet and relaxed destination. Sought for travelers who want to get away and pampered with a luxury atmosphere of tranquility, restful rejuvenation and unrivaled romance.

Nestled on an immaculate white sand beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Beloved Playa Mujeres has developed the newest way to holiday.

Using its location as an approach to Mother Nature and a connection to ancestral history wellness, Beloved Playa Mujeres guests will be able to enjoy a meticulously crafted Wellness Week to celebrate the Joy Of Life.


From December 11th to 17th, 2017, this Boutique All-Inclusive hotel will feature Seven days of Wellness, Nutrition, and Fitness with workshops designed to boost and empower your wellness conscious such as:

  • Wellness Gourmet Experience
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Rituals
  • Yoga Journey
  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Fitness Activities
  • Spa/ Therapeutic Activities

With an open invitation, Beloved Playa Mujeres seeks to spread the Wellness message globally through their guests and new minds to enjoy an unforgettable week-long vacation full of relaxation and an invigorating wellness journey.

Make the most of your time. Make it better for yourself. Make it well.

Curious for more? Check the detailed schedule we have designed for you!

Wellness schedule_FINAL-Beloved-Playa-Mujeres


Stay connected on Social Media for all the updates!

Follow up with us & download the Wellness Week Schedule!  download button

Want more details? Feel free to contact our team at spa02@belovedhotels.com

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The Beloved Hotel FAQ’s

All you need to know about your Boutique All Inclusive Hotel davidmolnar-1462918506700

Photo by: David Molnar

At Beloved Hotels, building unique and memorable experiences is our specialty. Welcome to your ultimate luxury adventure.


How far is the hotel from Cancun’s airport? We are located in Playa Mujeres, 20 minutes north of Cancun’s International airport.

What is the difference between a boutique hotel compared to a resort? A boutique hotel will offer you the naturally relaxed ambiance and a very personalized treatment during your stay. Impeccable service, lavish suites, and natural Caribbean beaches all set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Is it Adults-Only property? Yes. The Beloved Hotel became Adults-Only property in September 2016.

How many rooms are available in the property? 109

What kind of entertainment is available? Daily and night entertainment. Live shows, music, tastings and more.

What kind of transportation services are provided? You can arrange your private service or taxi thru our Seasons Tours partners. Please contact them for more information at sales@seasonstours.com

Does my reservation include transportation? The suites that have the transportation included are our Penthouse Suite with Plunge Pool Ocean View and The Owner’s Suite. If you want to arrange your transfer, feel free to contact our partners from Seasons Tours.

Is smoking permitted in my room? Only in your balcony.

Where are the casitas located? These are located a few steps away from the beach.

Is Wi-Fi included? Yes. This service is available in your suite.  You also have free calls to USA & Canada.

What are the alcohol bottles included in-room stock? To get a detailed list of the premium liquor available, we kindly recommend contacting Concierge at concierge@belovedhotels.com

Who can I contact if I want to swap the bottles in my room? Our concierge partners will be very pleased to assist you with any special request.

How many times is the mini-bar re-stocked during my stay? Your mini-bar will be re-stocked daily.

What is the suite service schedule? It is available 24 hours. You will find a menu in your suite.

What is the Voltage of electric outlets in my room? 110 volts.

What is the pool schedule? The pools are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Can you exchange money in the hotel? Yes, please visit the front desk.

Are there any promos available? You can find all our Special Offers here: http://bit.ly/SpecialOffer_TBH

Is it OK to use the water from the tap? The tap water on your suite is purified, but we recommend drinking bottled water only. All the water served in the restaurants and bars has been purified and treated to ensure the highest quality standards.

When is the turndown service time? Our housekeeping staff will attend your suite daily. An additional turndown service is offered at nights. If you wish your suite to be cleaned at a specific time please dial “0”.



Photo by: Travelista73

What are the Restaurants available? At Beloved, you will find four restaurants to please your palate,

  • Aroma Restaurant, á la carte international concept with Mediterranean influences.
  • Lupita Restaurant, urban contemporary Mexican cuisine for á la carte dinner.
  • Isla Grill Restaurant, Caribbean, Mexican and grilled products and concepts are the perfect combination to fulfill our guest needs. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • El Mar Restaurant, On the beach, gourmet tasting breakfast; grilled cuisine, snacks & pizza for á la carte lunch, and fish specialties for á la carte dinner.

As for our Bar & Lounges, our Swim-up Bar offers bar service in our beachfront pool or on the beach, Lobby Bar, Swim-Up Bar, Lupita Lounge, Sushi & Ceviche Bar, and Natura Bar.

Is there a dress code for dining? Yes, all dress codes can be found at the entrance of the restaurants and bars, as well as part of our in-room service directory.



Looking to celebrate your Anniversary or Honeymoon?  The Honeymoon or Anniversary Package is complimentary with your stay at Beloved Hotels. Guest must request it at the time of booking and will be required to present a copy of the wedding certificate during their check in.  Anniversary Package will be valid 7 days before or 7 days after your anniversary date. The Honeymoon Package: Valid for 3 months after your wedding date.

Who to contact if you want to marry at The Beloved? It will be a pleasure to make your dream come true. Please contact our partners at groups2@grupoexcellence.com for detailed assistance.

Is there a way to arrange a romantic dinner at the beach during my stay? Yes. For information about the menu and availability, please contact Concierge in the lobby.

Can children attend a wedding? The Beloved Hotel is for adults only, policies establish that minors under 18 years old are not allowed at the properties even for private events, however in Finest Playa Mujeres guests of all ages are welcome.



Wellness… It’s the core of our luxury Cancun spa experience. More than just a resort, The Beloved Spa is a state of mind and being.

What are the treatments available in the Spa? We have a treatment made just for you. Feel free to look our menu and choose the one you want more: http://bit.ly/TBH_SpaTreatments

Can I book a spa service prior my arrival? Yes, please contact our Spa partners at spa@belovedhotels.com. They will happily assist you.

Can I purchase the fragrances that aromatize the hotel? Yes, these are available at our Spa. If you want them sent to your country, please contact our Concierge partners to arrange the delivery at concierge@belovedhotels.com

For reservations, feel free to contact our partners on out toll-free numbers:

US +1 866 540 25 85
CA +1 866 451 15 92
UK +0 800 051 6244
MX +01 800 966 36 70

or via email info@belovedhotels.com

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Book or Recommend Beloved Playa Mujeres and WIN A $300 USD Gift Card at any Excellence Group property

If your thought your holidays couldn’t get any better, think about it twice.

BPM_FB Ad.jpg

At Beloved Playa Mujeres we want you to build amazing memories, as many as you want. So we came up with this amazing idea that you can’t resist. You can become our ambassador!

How? Here is the thing, if you Book or Recommend Beloved Playa Mujeres you can WIN a $300usd Gift Card to use at any of our Excellence Group properties. Amazing, huh?

It’s pretty simple. When visiting our website, belovedhotels.com or calling our Toll-Free* number, make sure you or your friends book a minimum stay of 4 nights to qualify. This promo will only be valid for new bookings made before December 20th, 2016, to enjoy  your holiday from September 1st, 2016 to December 20th, 2017.

DSCF2278Make sure you grab your favourite spot by the pool!

Nancy Perchetti Mustakas‎And follow the sun to get some really good fun!

Want to know more details about this promo? Check’em here!

*Toll-free numbers: 

US +1 866 540 25 85
CA +1 866 451 15 92
UK +0 800 051 6244
MX +01 800 966 36 70


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Transportation for free, IT’S BACK!

Yes! It’s happening again! Because we know how much you loved this opportunity, we decided to bring back this amazing offer FOR YOU.

BPM_FB_600x600Do you remember the last time you had a beach holiday? Caribbean sea blues, buttery white sand on your toes, sunny heat touching your skin while sipping on your favourite drink at an amazing Adults-Only Boutique All-Inclusive… *Sigholskiii INSTWe’re not trying to tease you (or maybe we do!) but now that we got you in the right place of mind we have to share this.

With a paradise on sight, you need to know that we are offering our Deluxe Private Transfer for FREE. How to get it? Pretty simple, during the booking process of “Hotel only” reservations, select the DELUXE PRIVATE TRANSFER option and the transfer Fee will be $0.00 USD. *This promo will be not transferable.BPM_300x250

Just make sure you book your stay within July 15th to the 30th, 2016, to enjoy this promo, and travel from July the 20th to December 20th, 2016. We’ll be more than happy to welcoming you in paradise!

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