Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Successful Journey


To stick strongly to our goals and commit for success is a task must of us resiliently are willing to try until-fail?

Are these any familiar? Losing weight, travel more, finish THAT book, find a new job, save money, learn something new, or eat healthily, etc.

Wellness-131-X2The truth is that in our every day the routine kicks hard to our once-set goals for truly accomplish them, whether you are fully engaged this time here are some notes you want to keep close.



Take “failure” out of your vocabulary, is not a mantra! Making the true effort and build a consistent habit not only will benefit ourselves, but it will also maintain a nourishing balance inside our work life and from then to the world.


Keep the light of that positive change and mentally prepared to learn and develop a new routine. Maybe the workaholic environment is taking all of you. Dedicate quality time for yourself and associate every small accomplish with steps towards your bigger goal.

Wellness-811-XLOnce you have measured how good it feels, don’t lose track! Motivate yourself and every once in a while celebrate these achievements, maybe your new workout routine is kicking your b*tt, and you need a deep healing tissue massage… Treat yourself to a rewarding spa day! Why not!?

Wellness-773-XLAccountant for the progress you have made and take notes of it! Use a diary. This will help you stay focus all time and remind you the goal is right in front of you! Don’t stop, and if you fall off the track, don’t be too hard on yourself, get back on quick and remember the grand scheme of your resolution.



To find the right balance in life may be hard but not impossible. Be confident and realistic, but mostly stay motivated to maintain a new lifestyle, the one YOU’ve decided to acquire.Wellness-77-XL

Get some help and inspiration with a Wellness Week customized experience to get close and personal with a nutritious and restorative performance. Take the time and anticipate this All-Inclusive holiday.



Wellness Week 4th Edition is happening March 24th-27th, 2019. Get excited and save your seat at Beloved Playa Mujeres!

  • March 24th-27th Spring into Wellness!
  • August 11th-14th Celebrating Wellness Month!
  • December 8th-11th Get Ready for Healthy Holidays!



About The Excellence Collection

The Excellence Collection is a resort group specialized in hotel management. The company’s three product lines include Excellence Resorts with all-inclusive luxury for adults only, Beloved Hotels with all-inclusive boutique properties for adults only, and the contemporary Finest Resorts with all-inclusive amenities for adults only and for families.
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