How To Fall In Love With A Wellness Experience- For Real!

If you’re getting in touch with a Wellness lifestyle for the very first time, let the Beloved Playa Mujeres team guide you through a life-changing journey!

With a detailed and well-designed program, Wellness Week 3rd Edition plans to bring the best from our two previous adventures in a healthy experience.


Thanks to our Beloved Spa team and Fitness Experts, Wellness Week 3 will certainly enamor beginners and seasoned Wellness enthusiasts with an energized and inspiring program: Be Love and Believe. wwIMG_0849-XL

An inspiring and relaxing journey is about to begin. Picture yourself enjoying revitalizing Yoga Lessons by the sea, or dancing to invigorating Caribbean rhythms with Salsa Dance Lessons.

Get ready to find a zen-paradise at Beloved Playa Mujeres to renew and cleanse your mind, body, and soul.  Have you ever been in a Butterflies Release? Discover how nature fulfills your senses to a healthy new self. After party? Take off to Lupita Lounge and enjoy the Silent Party Night! Wear your favorite headphones and dance in silence!

Briana Lozano2

Wellness Week 3 will nourish and recharge your every day after this awakening experience. Want to challenge yourself? Try Pilates matt, Paddleboard or SUP Yoga!  Incredible, fun and rewarding activities that you’ll want to keep doing for a long time!

Get to know about the Wellness Week talent for this 3rd round!

Self-Massage, Healing Yourself Workshop With Sean Jordan and Yuritzin FloresWWIMG_0434-XL

Have you ever listened to your body? How do your muscles work? Empower them with increasing vital energy with specific postures and self-massage techniques to acquire wellness and self-healing.


Healthy Snacks & Essential Oils Workshop With Yleana HernándezWWIMG_9063-XL.jpg

Fuel your body with natural, delicious and powerful snacks for a healthy life. Complete the experience with a Natural Spa products workshop and discover how soothing oils can make your life so much easier!



Fine Dining Experiences with Adjid – Executive Chef at Beloved Playa Mujeres


Experienced Chef in prestigious hospitality brands. Creative and with a vision full of traditions, nature, modern and ancient combine in his creations.

Adjid will recharge your vitality with a Caribbean Fine Dining, Wine Pairing Dinner & Mediterranean Cuisine, Native Hindu Dinner. Mouthwatering experiences!

Healing Rituals

Approach a spirited connection with prehispanic traditions! Ramses has earned the ‘Expert’ title thanks to the knowledge he spreads about the native and indigenous traditions such as Temazcal guide, Meditation and Yoga teacher and Pre-hispanic dance.

Enjoy his wisdom on our Balancing Chakras, Integrative Workshop and Legends of the Popol Vuh!         

SUP Yoga & Flow Yoga with Aracely Rodríguez

Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, Aracely is certified in Hatha Sivananda Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, Inner flow Yoga and Yin yoga.

She is the director of Aguru Yoga Shala community and Yoga & meditation school. Make sure you enjoy her SUP Yoga and Flow Yoga on the Beloved Playa Mujeres beach.

Paddleboard Workshop with Luis Saenz

Coach and owner of SUP Cancun Paddleboarding School and water sports. Luis has a vast knowledge of windsurfing, surf, sailboats for more than 20 years. Join for the fun at his refreshing Paddle class during our Wellness Week 3rd Edition.


Facial Treatments Workshop & Shamanic Uplifting Massages with Yedid Ramon

Learn skin care and massage techniques to do in your home with our professional cosmetologist! WWIMG_9333-XLA dedicated healer, massage therapist, cosmetologist and makeup artist, Yedid has committed her life to teach spa expert therapists. Now spreads her passion as the Beloved’s Spa Therapies director, full of creativity to give form to the most fantastic spa experiences.

Briana Lozano3

Empower your body with Marta Jurado


A vibrant fitness coach, an expert in fulfilling fitness and wellness disciplines such as Pilates, Cross Fit, Zumba, Boot Camp, and more. Her charm and drive will surely inspire to strengthen and commit to your wellbeing. Make sure you meet her at the Pilates Matt class!

Boho-Chic Mexican Market with Martha Gerstein

Martha Gerstein is an artist of nature, of mother earth, expressing consciousness for life and connection in her art, involved in several altruist projects, with more than 25 exhibitions, a passionate teacher, and artist.

Martha has created with Mayan women, the aircraft of a handmade clay bracelet you will be receiving as a gift in our Wellness Week.


This is a small brief of EVERYTHING you can do and enjoy in your Beloved Playa Mujeres stay.  So if you’re visiting from August 15-18th, make sure to Join us for this amazing Wellness Week program created for YOU!

Download the FULL program HERE

586abf91b6fc1117b60b2758We look forward to seeing you at Beloved Playa Mujeres!

About The Excellence Collection

The Excellence Collection is a resort group specialized in hotel management. The company’s three product lines include Excellence Resorts with all-inclusive luxury for adults only, Beloved Hotels with all-inclusive boutique properties for adults only, and the contemporary Finest Resorts with all-inclusive amenities for adults only and for families.
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