My Beloved Spa experience

The best pampering I’ve ever had…

For someone who is obsessed with the excellence in service that the Excellence Group Company provides, I got to experience first-hand the attention to detail that its Adults-Only Boutique All-Inclusive, Beloved Playa Mujeres has to offer in the wellness area.

First impressions do matter

The hotel reception. The lovely scent playing around your senses set the perfect relaxing ambiance. A beautiful and smart business sitting area perfectly accommodates and invites anyone to take a deep breathe to let the body connect with the soon to come relaxing experience.


As I walked through the Lupita Lounge to approach The Beloved Spa, I got mesmerized by the lovely decoration around. Lounge sofas and beds, and a load of green selected nature that bonds perfectly with the place. A sushi bar and smooth decoration perfectly placed.

Welcome to The Beloved Spa


Here we are. The immaculate clean design comes in as my first impression. A stylized concrete spiral stair and Zen decoration showcase the entrance. We approach the front desk staff and got asked to fill in a form to make sure we didn’t suffer any allergies or had any health problems. All checked. We are ready now.

IMG-20171022-WA0063The Agua Viva Hydrotherapy Ritual was the first thing on our list. Jesus, a very friendly member of the staff who guided us through the whole session, escorted us. The Hydrotherapy is a circuit smartly designed to make your body go through a range of cold and warm temperatures using a different sauna and steam rooms PLUS shower and pool experiences, with just the power of water and its natural cleansing magic.

We started with a five minutes sauna to open the skin pores and be ready for the water session. When the heat and the scented mint vapor started hitting in, Jesus came in with a cold wet towel to cover our face so we could breathe easily. After the sauna, we were walked to the shower area, a five-stage experience that includes an “Ice bucket challenge”. Be ready for this!

Following the cold experience, we went into the Hammam, a crystal room with a lemongrass scented steam that contrasted the previous experience with a very smooth, cozy and warm environment. Next stage was the pool. A cold dip came first, followed by a nice quick submersion in warm water.

The circuit continued with a comforting swim in the beautiful Beloved Spa pool to reach the bubble beds where a powerful bubbly massage left our bodies tingling. After the bubbly bed, we reached the powerful bubbly jets coming from the ground, followed by strong water pressure from swan showers, ideal to massage the top shoulder and neck area. The Hydrotherapy circuit is finished with a cascade shower in the pool. That one right in the center of the enchanting pool.

After this fun experience, Jesus was waiting for us at the end of the pool with warm towels ready to take us in into a relaxation room where we got pampered with a final neck and shoulder massage. A cold towel on the face and delightful lemongrass scent added the final touches to this wonderful journey.

Now it was time to get naked and put our bathrobes and slippers on because we were heading to the first floor to enjoy the second part from our pampering.


Stairway to heaven!

We were escorted into another lounge area to wait for our therapists. Bety and Yedid welcomed us to the beautiful spa session. A world-class designed location with several private cabins on each side with distinctive Mexican names to identify them. Ours was Frida.

Once in. Bety and Yedid explained us the ritual we were about to experience, The Sacred Earth Massage, an 80 min relaxing journey to reconnect with the soul, an aura cleansing, and chakra alignment. With the help of tuning chilling music, and knowing we were in the best of hands, we lost ourselves in the most delicious spa sessions we’ve ever experienced.

Our therapists asked us if there was a specific area we especially needed to be worked. Yes, I said, and so Bety focused on my shoulder tension, while Yedid focused on working my fiancé’s sciatica.

Let the magic happen

Whilst you get ready to reach cloud nine, soft linen blankets and warm towels will cocoon your body during the whole session. Playing carefully with precise positions to suit you, the ritual started.


On the massage table, facing down and completely relaxed, aromatherapy began with the sensation of the rosemary tingling gently around the body calming and relaxing my every sense and emotion.

Working on the attention to detail from your lower body to the upper section, the therapists inspect every inch of your body with the use of soft mint creams and warm oils, the perfect prelude for the hot stone massage techniques that are to follow.

With a soft whisper on the ear we got asked if the pressure was all right, conveniently was excellent and the treatment kept going. Ambiance rhythms in the atmosphere will definitely keep your mind away from tensions and thoughts.


Laying on our backs and knowing the final stage of the pampering was approaching, our therapists position more stones specifically located to align the chakras all along the body to find that total renewal we were looking for. The treatment came to an end when we felt the slippers back on our feet again and the sound of chimes accompanied the final to this extraordinary experience.

Now on cloud nine, we came out from the cabin and Yedid welcomed us with a smile, waiting for us with a couple of warm seed bags to place around our neck. We followed her to the relaxation lounge where we were offered champagne and chocolates to mark the ending of the treatment.

What a unique and tremendous detailed pampering experience we had just experienced, surely the most equilibrating profound massages one has to enjoy every once in a while. Thank you Beloved Playa Mujeres for this beautiful journey, I can’t wait to do this again!

Check all the treatments and rituals that you can find at The Beloved Spa here:


About The Excellence Collection

The Excellence Collection is a resort group specialized in hotel management. The company’s three product lines include Excellence Resorts with all-inclusive luxury for adults only, Beloved Hotels with all-inclusive boutique properties for adults only, and the contemporary Finest Resorts with all-inclusive amenities for adults only and for families.
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