Falling in love with a Wellness Lifestyle

Living a balanced lifestyle will give you the best health results.You’ll feel motivated to progress and be that better person than you were yesterday


When you are on a mission to connect with yourself in deeper meaning or strengthen the bond you’ve already created with yourself, you realize you become one. One with your consciousness. One to be grateful, and one to celebrate the sole fact of being alive. Of celebrating the Joy Of Life.

Wellness is not only about fitness, healthy eating or spa relaxation; wellness goes beyond. It is a mission that inspires you and it’ll certainly inspire others. This is the essence of Beloved Wellness Week, and we want to make it a celebration FOR LIFE!

At Beloved Playa Mujeres, we have created a beautiful program for this special week, integrating activities and happenings to enrich us all in many ways.


Don’t worry if you haven’t practiced yoga, worked out or participated in any rituals before, these Wellness and Joyful retreats are ideal for everyone.

What can you expect? 

  • Yoga Journey for you every morning, with different types of yoga techniques.

  • Fitness activities to enjoy outdoors and connect with our beautiful nature.

  • Nutrition workshops, interact, try and learn.

  • Spa activities dedicated to learning much more about you.

  • Wellness Workshops with expert speakers that will share with joy their wisdom their learned lessons.

  • Entertainment happenings, filled with music, voices, and emotions.

  • Meaningful Rituals coming from ancient traditions dedicated to the beloved being.

  • Wellness Gourmet Journey for every night, honoring the healing and goodness of each corner of the world.


What do you think? Take your time. Break the routine and join us on this amazing life journey. We’ll be waiting for you from December 11th-17th, 2017. Celebrate The Joy Of Life at Beloved Playa Mujeres! 

Download the latest Wellness Week Program here! download button

Want more details? Feel free to contact our team at spa02@belovedhotels.com



About The Excellence Collection

The Excellence Collection is a resort group specialized in hotel management. The company’s three product lines include Excellence Resorts with all-inclusive luxury for adults only, Beloved Hotels with all-inclusive boutique properties for adults only, and the contemporary Finest Resorts with all-inclusive amenities for adults only and for families.
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