Quick guide to Wine tasting

A little bit of wine knowledge goes a long way by opening doors to new flavors and styles. In this article we want to share with you the basics of a wine tasting.

You already have a lot of clues about a wine including its varietal, vintage and producer. These clues will lead you to expect what a wine should taste like. Identifying how a range of different wines taste comes with practice and experimentation so be patient.

TBH_Wine Chart

Before doing a wine tasting, make sure your mouth is clean and that you’re well hydrated. Don’t brush your teeth immediately before wine tasting, not only will it be harder to taste wine it might actually increase the chances of staining your teeth.

There are 5 Steps in for Wine Tasting:

Look: Use this step to get in the mindset of tasting. Look at the shade of color and opacity. How does it compare to other wines of the same varietal? Is it darker? More intense? Harder to see through? Take a mental snapshot for later, these hints will show how bold, rich and viscous the wine is.

Smell: Time to pay attention. Identifying smells beforehand makes tasting flavors in wine easier. Start by swirling the glass to aerate the wine and release its aromas. To swirl a glass, place it flat on a table and move your hand as though you are drawing tiny circles with the base. Now stick your nose in there and take a big sniff. What do you smell?

Taste: Who doesn’t love this step? Take a mouthwash size sip and briefly swish it around your mouth to make sure it coats your entire tongue before you swallow. Think about the flavors, textures and body of the wine. Is it sharp? Does it make your tongue feel dry? Do the flavors match the smells from earlier? Can you name a fruit, mineral or spice? Does it have an alcohol burn? Revisit smelling the wine after your first sip to help formulate any conclusions (guesses are ok too!).


Swallow/Spit: Wasting wine? There are some good reasons to spit. Maybe the wine doesn’t suit your taste or you want to save yourself for a better wine. Or better yet, maybe you want to be sober enough to actually taste all the wines during the tasting.

Think: Too many guides focus on the superficial nuances of wine tasting. Wine tasting is a head game. Don’t be afraid to pipe up and offer your suggestions! There are no wrong answers!

When visiting The Beloved Hotel, continue your experience in Mexico with high quality wines and a delicious pairing with traditional Mexican canapés. Discover how the wine industry in Mexico has forged its history through a struggle, delivery and how the history of a Nation goes together with wine.

More info with your hotel concierge upon arrival.


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