Beloved Hotels Becomes a Couples Only Brand

The romantic destination invites couples to indulge in “Infinite Excellence, Exclusively for Two”

BPM_Pool Overview-Night (1)

Beloved Hotels, the unparalleled all-inclusive brand with its signature property in Playa Mujeres, Mexico, will now cater exclusively to couples.

With its lavish suites, quiet atmosphere and idyllic beachfront location, the 5-star hotel brand has always been a favorite for couples, and will now focus on making the destination a haven for couples only.

By providing “Infinite Excellence, Exclusively for Two,” Beloved Hotels creates ideal escapes for those who want to indulge in a romantic, intimate, and balanced retreat from reality.

140331_TheBeloved_17_3666 (1).jpg

At Beloved Playa Mujeres, couples can discover extensive amenities created for romance. The glorious spa welcomes guests with treatments specially designed for two. With sparkling wine and sweet delights included in all offerings, couples can relax with each other in the 35,000-square-foot wellness haven. Included in all stays is an Agua Viva guided ritual; devoted to a holistic approach to health, the hydrotherapy circuit takes guests on a guided tour of the healing properties of water.

Heavenly cuisine awaits at each of the hotel’s four restaurants, taking guests from ocean view restaurants by the pool and beach area during the day to beautifully styled options like Lupita Steakhouse with its prime cuts and Le Bisou serving decadent French cuisine on its garden terrace. The entire experience is infused with the brand’s signature service, providing personalized treatment from the hotel’s sparkling pools to the oversized suites.

Couples are always welcome, but honeymoons and anniversaries are special occasions at Beloved Playa Mujeres. With an innate understanding of romance, the hotel ensures that luxury and emotion are thoughtfully incorporated into every detail of your stay.

140331_TheBeloved_02_145 (1).jpg

Beloved Playa Mujeres has complimentary packages that take an all inclusive honeymoon vacation or anniversary to extraordinary, with specially prepared amenities and surprises like in-suite rose petals, special turndown service, and a champagne breakfast in bed. Also available is an Excellence Package upgrade, which includes a couple’s spa treatment and a private beachfront dinner.

“Since opening its doors, Beloved Playa Mujeres has made its mark in the industry as one of the best getaways for those seeking secluded luxury. With the hotel’s stunning design and picturesque white sand beaches, it has always been a favorite for couples. We are now fully transitioning our offerings to make it unique and perfect getaway for those who want to celebrate romance,” said Domingo Aznar, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We have thoughtfully curated every moment of a guest’s stay at Beloved Playa Mujeres to ensure they experience Infinite Excellence, Exclusively for Two.”

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Reduce Stress and Anxiety with a Wellness Inspired Holiday!

Set tune into a rejuvenating week full of refreshing new experiences!


 Are you still determined to complete your life-changing resolutions? If so- or if not, there is something that you would never say no to (and this is not an excuse)… A VACATION!


No matter how in love you are with your work life, we all know sometimes it can get overwhelming with the everyday tasks, and amidst all our worries, we tend to forget to take a pause to breathe and relax… to appreciate the sole fact of being alive.

Behind this peaceful mindset, Beloved Playa Mujeres has dropped an authentic encounter with your whole being while you ENJOY a Caribbean escape. Perfection? Wait until you experience this!wellness-165-x2

The Wellness Week 4th Edition involves 360 activities that will help you truly connect to a Wellness experience: spa, meditative exercises, yoga and more in a VERY relaxing atmosphere.

Nevermind if you haven’t practiced yoga, worked out or participated in rituals, because this retreat is ideal for everyone.

With a detailed schedule of activities, get ready to enjoy your vacation with a cherry on top: the Caribbean Sea, delightful nights, special dinners, art expressions, music and more!

Here’s what you can expect!

Yoga Journey for you every morning, with different types of yoga techniques

Fitness activities to enjoy outdoors and connect with our beautiful natural surroundings

Healing workshops for you to interact, try and learn

Spa activities dedicated to learning much more about you

Entertainment happenings, filled with music, voices, and emotions

Meaningful Rituals derived from ancient traditions devoted to the Beloved lifestyle

Wellness Gourmet Journey every night, honoring the healing and goodness of each corner of the world

A list of Wellness Experts from all over the world will enrich your Beloved experience, creating a unique time for living, enjoying, learning and connecting to motivate your soul with an optimistic perspective for a better and Beloved Life!

Plan according to this SCHEDULE  download button

March 24th-27th Spring into Wellness!

August 11th-14th Celebrating Wellness Month!

December 8th-11th Get Ready for Healthy Holidays

Want more details? Feel free to contact our team at

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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Successful Journey


To stick strongly to our goals and commit for success is a task must of us resiliently are willing to try until-fail?

Are these any familiar? Losing weight, travel more, finish THAT book, find a new job, save money, learn something new, or eat healthily, etc.

Wellness-131-X2The truth is that in our every day the routine kicks hard to our once-set goals for truly accomplish them, whether you are fully engaged this time here are some notes you want to keep close.



Take “failure” out of your vocabulary, is not a mantra! Making the true effort and build a consistent habit not only will benefit ourselves, but it will also maintain a nourishing balance inside our work life and from then to the world.


Keep the light of that positive change and mentally prepared to learn and develop a new routine. Maybe the workaholic environment is taking all of you. Dedicate quality time for yourself and associate every small accomplish with steps towards your bigger goal.

Wellness-811-XLOnce you have measured how good it feels, don’t lose track! Motivate yourself and every once in a while celebrate these achievements, maybe your new workout routine is kicking your b*tt, and you need a deep healing tissue massage… Treat yourself to a rewarding spa day! Why not!?

Wellness-773-XLAccountant for the progress you have made and take notes of it! Use a diary. This will help you stay focus all time and remind you the goal is right in front of you! Don’t stop, and if you fall off the track, don’t be too hard on yourself, get back on quick and remember the grand scheme of your resolution.



To find the right balance in life may be hard but not impossible. Be confident and realistic, but mostly stay motivated to maintain a new lifestyle, the one YOU’ve decided to acquire.Wellness-77-XL

Get some help and inspiration with a Wellness Week customized experience to get close and personal with a nutritious and restorative performance. Take the time and anticipate this All-Inclusive holiday.



Wellness Week 4th Edition is happening March 24th-27th, 2019. Get excited and save your seat at Beloved Playa Mujeres!

  • March 24th-27th Spring into Wellness!
  • August 11th-14th Celebrating Wellness Month!
  • December 8th-11th Get Ready for Healthy Holidays!



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How To Fall In Love With A Wellness Experience- For Real!

If you’re getting in touch with a Wellness lifestyle for the very first time, let the Beloved Playa Mujeres team guide you through a life-changing journey!

With a detailed and well-designed program, Wellness Week 3rd Edition plans to bring the best from our two previous adventures in a healthy experience.


Thanks to our Beloved Spa team and Fitness Experts, Wellness Week 3 will certainly enamor beginners and seasoned Wellness enthusiasts with an energized and inspiring program: Be Love and Believe. wwIMG_0849-XL

An inspiring and relaxing journey is about to begin. Picture yourself enjoying revitalizing Yoga Lessons by the sea, or dancing to invigorating Caribbean rhythms with Salsa Dance Lessons.

Get ready to find a zen-paradise at Beloved Playa Mujeres to renew and cleanse your mind, body, and soul.  Have you ever been in a Butterflies Release? Discover how nature fulfills your senses to a healthy new self. After party? Take off to Lupita Lounge and enjoy the Silent Party Night! Wear your favorite headphones and dance in silence!

Briana Lozano2

Wellness Week 3 will nourish and recharge your every day after this awakening experience. Want to challenge yourself? Try Pilates matt, Paddleboard or SUP Yoga!  Incredible, fun and rewarding activities that you’ll want to keep doing for a long time!

Get to know about the Wellness Week talent for this 3rd round!

Self-Massage, Healing Yourself Workshop With Sean Jordan and Yuritzin FloresWWIMG_0434-XL

Have you ever listened to your body? How do your muscles work? Empower them with increasing vital energy with specific postures and self-massage techniques to acquire wellness and self-healing.


Healthy Snacks & Essential Oils Workshop With Yleana HernándezWWIMG_9063-XL.jpg

Fuel your body with natural, delicious and powerful snacks for a healthy life. Complete the experience with a Natural Spa products workshop and discover how soothing oils can make your life so much easier!



Fine Dining Experiences with Adjid – Executive Chef at Beloved Playa Mujeres


Experienced Chef in prestigious hospitality brands. Creative and with a vision full of traditions, nature, modern and ancient combine in his creations.

Adjid will recharge your vitality with a Caribbean Fine Dining, Wine Pairing Dinner & Mediterranean Cuisine, Native Hindu Dinner. Mouthwatering experiences!

Healing Rituals

Approach a spirited connection with prehispanic traditions! Ramses has earned the ‘Expert’ title thanks to the knowledge he spreads about the native and indigenous traditions such as Temazcal guide, Meditation and Yoga teacher and Pre-hispanic dance.

Enjoy his wisdom on our Balancing Chakras, Integrative Workshop and Legends of the Popol Vuh!         

SUP Yoga & Flow Yoga with Aracely Rodríguez

Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, Aracely is certified in Hatha Sivananda Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, Inner flow Yoga and Yin yoga.

She is the director of Aguru Yoga Shala community and Yoga & meditation school. Make sure you enjoy her SUP Yoga and Flow Yoga on the Beloved Playa Mujeres beach.

Paddleboard Workshop with Luis Saenz

Coach and owner of SUP Cancun Paddleboarding School and water sports. Luis has a vast knowledge of windsurfing, surf, sailboats for more than 20 years. Join for the fun at his refreshing Paddle class during our Wellness Week 3rd Edition.


Facial Treatments Workshop & Shamanic Uplifting Massages with Yedid Ramon

Learn skin care and massage techniques to do in your home with our professional cosmetologist! WWIMG_9333-XLA dedicated healer, massage therapist, cosmetologist and makeup artist, Yedid has committed her life to teach spa expert therapists. Now spreads her passion as the Beloved’s Spa Therapies director, full of creativity to give form to the most fantastic spa experiences.

Briana Lozano3

Empower your body with Marta Jurado


A vibrant fitness coach, an expert in fulfilling fitness and wellness disciplines such as Pilates, Cross Fit, Zumba, Boot Camp, and more. Her charm and drive will surely inspire to strengthen and commit to your wellbeing. Make sure you meet her at the Pilates Matt class!

Boho-Chic Mexican Market with Martha Gerstein

Martha Gerstein is an artist of nature, of mother earth, expressing consciousness for life and connection in her art, involved in several altruist projects, with more than 25 exhibitions, a passionate teacher, and artist.

Martha has created with Mayan women, the aircraft of a handmade clay bracelet you will be receiving as a gift in our Wellness Week.


This is a small brief of EVERYTHING you can do and enjoy in your Beloved Playa Mujeres stay.  So if you’re visiting from August 15-18th, make sure to Join us for this amazing Wellness Week program created for YOU!

Download the FULL program HERE

586abf91b6fc1117b60b2758We look forward to seeing you at Beloved Playa Mujeres!

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Get ready to connect with Wellness Week 3rd Edition

Learn the language of self-love and acceptance through a journey specially designed for you by Beloved Playa Mujeres

IMG_5943-XL (1).jpg

Over the two previous editions, Beloved Playa Mujeres has designed a very detailed program with fun, and quirky activities together with hosts and guests, to promote a beautiful and relaxed lifestyle.

IMG_6034-XLGet ready for it ONE MORE TIME!

Wellness Week will develop an amped up program which includes the best of the best with a few surprises on top for our Beloved guests.IMG_6612-XL

Picture yourself here and gift your eyes with an inspiring sunrise for an Awakening Meditation or a relaxing Yoga session by The Beach.

Reach the next level by balancing on the water while practicing your skills, or train your core with a nice Paddleboard session! All this thoughtfully designed by our experts.img_6285-xl-e1530741616134.jpg

Connect with nature by these inviting water experiences that will become unforgettable memories. Caribbean refreshing waters will definitely tease you for a new adventure. Tempting?IMG_6877-XL

When the night hits Beloved Playa Mujeres, Lupita Lounge becomes the seductive location to interact with Mayan rhythms or let yourself loose with a ‘Silent Party’ to keep the high spirits for a new life!

Taste everything whats right for you! From healthy cuisine lessons to introductory Wellness’ journeys, the Beloved Playa Mujeres team will be ready to lead you on this path.

So, take the time and make a beneficial change in your life!

Wellness is not only about fitness, healthy eating or spa relaxation. It is a mission that inspires you, and it’ll encourage others.

Find out why being healthy is the ultimate fun through this diverse Wellness Week program, a luxury relaxation time with the addition to be allocated in a temple for unsurpassed pampering and attention to detail.

A Private. Serene. Luxury and Balanced experience await you at Beloved Playa Mujeres.

Save your spotWellness Week 3rd Editon is happening this August 15-18, 2018

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Wellness Week is back after a wildly successful 1st Edition!

Wellness Week is back! Thanks to the amazing response we received from our guests on the previous Wellness Week at Beloved Playa Mujeres, we’d love to empower the joy of sharing A Beloved Life one more time!


With an amazing experience we shared with our guests on the previous Wellness Week we created a new program that includes the best of the best and added a few surprises for our guests’ delight. We feel that this incredible opportunity to celebrate life itself and we want you to be part of it!WW2-1

From April 28th thru May 1st, 2018, Wellness Week 2nd edition will be better and bigger with a beautiful program, integrating activities and happenings that will enrich us all in many ways.

What can you expect at Wellness Week 2nd Edition?

Well, you will definitely enjoy the utmost dedicated circuit to promote and empower the beauty of your body, to connect with your soul, and to learn the language of self-love and acceptance.

The program will highlight our guests’ favorite activities from the first Wellness Week so, here are some of the journeys we are going to live in this week dedicated to A Beloved Life!


  • Meditative Beach Walk
  • Yin Yoga
  • Rock Painting
  • Mayan Awakening Ritual
  • Colors Race
  • Butterflies release ritual
  • SUP Yoga
  • Hatha Soft Yoga
  • Paddle Board Class
  • Self Massage Workshop
  • Bonfire under the stars
  • Tequila Mixology
  • Silent Party
  • Beloved Carnival
  • Fire Show
  • Native Caribbean Dinner, and many more surprises!  


Get the Wellness Week 2nd Edition program here download button

Recently crowned as the Best All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico for TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, Beloved Playa Mujeres has made its way to be a one of a kind place to enjoy a luxury relaxation time with the addition to be a dedicated temple for unsurpassed pampering and attention to detail.

So, why not take the time and make a beneficial change in your life? Wellness is not only about fitness, healthy eating or spa relaxation. It is a mission that inspires you and it’ll certainly inspire others. This is the essence of Beloved Playa Mujeres-Wellness Week.

Wellness Week 2nd edition, April 28th- May 1st, 2018.

Save your seat and celebrate with us A Beloved Life!

Want more details? Feel free to contact our team at

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My Beloved Spa experience

The best pampering I’ve ever had…

For someone who is obsessed with the excellence in service that the Excellence Group Company provides, I got to experience first-hand the attention to detail that its Adults-Only Boutique All-Inclusive, Beloved Playa Mujeres has to offer in the wellness area.

First impressions do matter

The hotel reception. The lovely scent playing around your senses set the perfect relaxing ambiance. A beautiful and smart business sitting area perfectly accommodates and invites anyone to take a deep breathe to let the body connect with the soon to come relaxing experience.


As I walked through the Lupita Lounge to approach The Beloved Spa, I got mesmerized by the lovely decoration around. Lounge sofas and beds, and a load of green selected nature that bonds perfectly with the place. A sushi bar and smooth decoration perfectly placed.

Welcome to The Beloved Spa


Here we are. The immaculate clean design comes in as my first impression. A stylized concrete spiral stair and Zen decoration showcase the entrance. We approach the front desk staff and got asked to fill in a form to make sure we didn’t suffer any allergies or had any health problems. All checked. We are ready now.

IMG-20171022-WA0063The Agua Viva Hydrotherapy Ritual was the first thing on our list. Jesus, a very friendly member of the staff who guided us through the whole session, escorted us. The Hydrotherapy is a circuit smartly designed to make your body go through a range of cold and warm temperatures using a different sauna and steam rooms PLUS shower and pool experiences, with just the power of water and its natural cleansing magic.

We started with a five minutes sauna to open the skin pores and be ready for the water session. When the heat and the scented mint vapor started hitting in, Jesus came in with a cold wet towel to cover our face so we could breathe easily. After the sauna, we were walked to the shower area, a five-stage experience that includes an “Ice bucket challenge”. Be ready for this!

Following the cold experience, we went into the Hammam, a crystal room with a lemongrass scented steam that contrasted the previous experience with a very smooth, cozy and warm environment. Next stage was the pool. A cold dip came first, followed by a nice quick submersion in warm water.

The circuit continued with a comforting swim in the beautiful Beloved Spa pool to reach the bubble beds where a powerful bubbly massage left our bodies tingling. After the bubbly bed, we reached the powerful bubbly jets coming from the ground, followed by strong water pressure from swan showers, ideal to massage the top shoulder and neck area. The Hydrotherapy circuit is finished with a cascade shower in the pool. That one right in the center of the enchanting pool.

After this fun experience, Jesus was waiting for us at the end of the pool with warm towels ready to take us in into a relaxation room where we got pampered with a final neck and shoulder massage. A cold towel on the face and delightful lemongrass scent added the final touches to this wonderful journey.

Now it was time to get naked and put our bathrobes and slippers on because we were heading to the first floor to enjoy the second part from our pampering.


Stairway to heaven!

We were escorted into another lounge area to wait for our therapists. Bety and Yedid welcomed us to the beautiful spa session. A world-class designed location with several private cabins on each side with distinctive Mexican names to identify them. Ours was Frida.

Once in. Bety and Yedid explained us the ritual we were about to experience, The Sacred Earth Massage, an 80 min relaxing journey to reconnect with the soul, an aura cleansing, and chakra alignment. With the help of tuning chilling music, and knowing we were in the best of hands, we lost ourselves in the most delicious spa sessions we’ve ever experienced.

Our therapists asked us if there was a specific area we especially needed to be worked. Yes, I said, and so Bety focused on my shoulder tension, while Yedid focused on working my fiancé’s sciatica.

Let the magic happen

Whilst you get ready to reach cloud nine, soft linen blankets and warm towels will cocoon your body during the whole session. Playing carefully with precise positions to suit you, the ritual started.


On the massage table, facing down and completely relaxed, aromatherapy began with the sensation of the rosemary tingling gently around the body calming and relaxing my every sense and emotion.

Working on the attention to detail from your lower body to the upper section, the therapists inspect every inch of your body with the use of soft mint creams and warm oils, the perfect prelude for the hot stone massage techniques that are to follow.

With a soft whisper on the ear we got asked if the pressure was all right, conveniently was excellent and the treatment kept going. Ambiance rhythms in the atmosphere will definitely keep your mind away from tensions and thoughts.


Laying on our backs and knowing the final stage of the pampering was approaching, our therapists position more stones specifically located to align the chakras all along the body to find that total renewal we were looking for. The treatment came to an end when we felt the slippers back on our feet again and the sound of chimes accompanied the final to this extraordinary experience.

Now on cloud nine, we came out from the cabin and Yedid welcomed us with a smile, waiting for us with a couple of warm seed bags to place around our neck. We followed her to the relaxation lounge where we were offered champagne and chocolates to mark the ending of the treatment.

What a unique and tremendous detailed pampering experience we had just experienced, surely the most equilibrating profound massages one has to enjoy every once in a while. Thank you Beloved Playa Mujeres for this beautiful journey, I can’t wait to do this again!

Check all the treatments and rituals that you can find at The Beloved Spa here:

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